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Socrates Premium WordPress Theme Review | Best Premium WordPress Theme


Socrates Premium WordPress Theme Which Enables a Beginner to Make a Money Making Website in Just a Few Minutes.The Internet is already flooded with there already something like a millions free themes out there that would work just well as Socrates Premium WordPress Theme.Yes, there are about millions free themes out there and just about all of them will work just fine for any blog. But Socrates Premium WordPress Theme didn’t work just as well. It ‘s a theme that delivers very good results.The Socrates WordPress theme has been created by the experienced marketers Dan Nickerson and Joel Comm. It is a very flexible theme that most bloggers could benefit from and it has been specifically designed for busy Internet marketers. Socrates is making it very easy to set up a new Click bank and Absence monetized niche website, which the search engine loves.

Six Reasons for Using the Socrates Premium WordPress Theme

  1. Adjusting Your Theme’s Layout is Simple
  2. Develop Your Own Customized Navigation Bar
  3. Easily Change the Color and Styling of Your Blog
  4. Add a Custom Blog Header or Select Ready-made Headers
  5. Custom page options in WordPress
  6. The Cost is Very Affordable for What You Get

Socrates Premium WordPress Theme has even more features

There are many other features that I think may be useful for you. They are pretty well covered in the product introduction video and I recommend that you watch it .

  1. Simple management of leader board and rotatable ads
  2. Styling, there are six different color schema you can choose from, but you can also edit any color using the color picker. This is really useful and keeps you from editing CSS files.
  3. Just as the header is highly customizable there is similar functionality to change the web site background. Again you can pick from images coming with the theme or upload your own. And more

Socrates Premium WordPress Theme Perfect for Newbie’s

If you’re tired of complicated WordPress themes and are looking for a professional looking, responsive site that’s easy to brand with your company graphics as well as monetize, Socrates might be just what you’re looking for… Our signature header system and Monetization features make us the perfect choice for those who just want to get a great-looking site up fast, which will make them money.

It’s a Fully Responsive Theme

These days your website has to look great on any mobile device. Socrates is fully responsive and mobile friendly.

Socrates Premium WordPress Theme Easily Monetizable

Whether you want a basic blog, a showcase site, or a magazine style theme Socrates can be customized for almost any function.

Versatile Short codes

Socrates Premium WordPress Theme has dozens of short codes to help you create an endless amount of custom looks for your site. This content is on our tab short code.

Multiple Templates

There are lots of page templates so you can choose what sort of sidebar you’d like, if any at all. You can also flip from ‘boxed’ to ‘wide’ layout at the flick of a button. The ‘wide’ option will scale your blog to take up the full width of the screen in desktop mode.

Socrates Premium theme is written in standard HTML 5 code to make it compatible with all modern browsers, so you know that it loads fast and won’t be outdated anytime soon.You can select from a blog layout or switch it to a magazine style website if you like. There is the option to add a slider if you so wish so that you can highlight important posts.Social networking comes built in so that your visitors can share you posts easily.

Customer Support

We are known for our legendary support and our support forum has been going strong for four years. Long before it was the norm for themes to offer free forum support, we’ve been doing it.


Selecting the right blog theme is so important. Not only for a positive user experience, but also when it comes to making adjustments and customization to your blog. Both Bob and I love using the Thesis Theme.

So, yes. I do believe that Socrates Premium WordPress Theme is certainly worth more than they are charging, but I also know that you’ll have to do a little more work than they are telling you. So with this in mind, Ill grades this one at a 7 out of 10 stars. And the best thing you can tray it free for 7 days and no credit card is required. Try immediately Socrates Premium WordPress Theme.

Socrates Premium WordPress

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Blogging With John Chow Review | John Chow Blogging Course Review


“Blogging with John Chow” Blueprint works better than any other blogging method on the internet. There are over 100 million blogs out there and 97% of them are making just about hunch on their blogs. But thanks, there now is happier news for bloggers. Because John Chow has successfully created a blueprint which has helped me rakes in a five-figure monthly income from just 2 hours of work a day”.

Blogging With John Chow Review | Top 10 Secret… by affiliateproductreview

How I Critique Blogging with John Chow

One of the things this program does well is shows you how to format your site. In one of the strategies, you will learn about themes, plug-in, graphics, and what to create about. You will learn relating to branding, which is very important. All sorts of stuff that’s a lot different than the “plug-into-this-EZ-system-and-make-millions” type of deal that I’m used to seeing.

I have to say, Blogging with John Chow is a pretty proper product. It’s definitely not perfect, but I actually do think it’s worth it if you’re a beginner and what extra info on blogging profits.

Allow to me to explain why I feel so. John Chow teaches focuses a lot on the content aspect of blogging. Its content that does the selling for you when you blog and this is a big benefit from this course. The dude is a master at creating good content and most of the training is geared towards article creation. In fact, good content is going to provide a lot of benefits to your site’s rankings, well, if you are generating visitors. And that’s kind of the only downside to this program.

So What This Blogging with John Chow Course Going To Teach You?

Blogging with john chow will make your expert affiliate marketer; the problem with most of the bloggers is that they are just following tradition method of monetization via contextual ads like ad sense or cpm origin ads. Working hard to produce incredible content but earning poor with cpc ads. But not anymore if you want to make real money that pro bloggers are earning you really need to go out into affiliate marketing business where each sale going to get your 100$ while 10 sale per month will get you $1000/month, you will really going to ridicule at cpc income. But wait don’t get excited too soon affiliate marketing is a hard business you can’t put few affiliate banners wait for the money come wheeling to your bank. You have to implement right kind of strategies and that’s what you are going to learn from this course.

Blogging with John Chow Course Consist of 7 Module

The System consists of 7 modules and each module talks about a certain aspect of managing a blog and making it successful.

  • You will learn how you can make as much as $40,000 per month from your simple blog
  • You will teach the secrets of blogging to make tens of thousands of dollars per month
  • The course has 7 biggest secrets for success in any niche under the sun
  • The step-by-step blueprints that will help you get success as a blogger
  • The guide is packed with tips that will help you launch a blog that will earn you further than $523,477 annually
  • Just a little few clicks and you will be able to launch your own blog
  • Also, it will teach you how to sell a 6-month old blog for 10k or more.

John Chow Became a Successful Blogger in Just 6 Years

Six years back, he was stuck with a low-paying day job, and then he came across Pen Joon who was one of the best marketers in Clickbank.

Peng Joon had a good deal of experience as a offer creator. He assisted numerous people from different parts of the world to make lots of resists working online. So, John Chow made his mind to make partners with Peng Joon. And from their partnership, we got a mind-blowing product called “Blogging with John Chow

Who Is This Product For?

Blogging with JC is definitely targeted towards novices, but could be useful for someone who’s been around the block a few times but needs to get back to the essentials. Though I am comfortable in my own marketing methods and do not plan on ‘switching gears’ to another offer/strategy, I was really interested in what he had to say.

I believe pretty much anyone at the beginner to intermediate level of internet marketing/online business level could benefit from John Chows product

What if it doesn’t work for me?

Well, because Blogging with John Chow is such a strong, proven system with plenty of success stories, and it’s taught in such painstaking step by step detail (with nothing at all left out) I’m confident that this will surly work for you too. And better yet… I’m prepared to guarantee it.

Final Verdict

Now that you have gone through this Blogging with John Chow review, it’s time for you to take action. If you do it now, your life could be a lot better than now. You could be the next “John Chow” in just a few years! So, take a look to the system Blogging with John Chow.

Blogging With John Chow Review

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Maxblogpress Ninja Affiliate Review | Ninja Affiliate WordPress Plugin


Maxblogpress Ninja Affiliate review discovers how to automatically convert keywords on your blog into money-making affiliate links in mere seconds – autopilot blogging has never been easier! Keeping you updated on Maxblogpress Ninja Affiliate is the main intention of this content. So read it to learn all you can regard the system. The best site to look for mater of Maxblogpress Ninja Affiliate.

WordPress Affiliate Plugin – Maxblogpress Ninja… by affiliateproductreview

Maxblogpress Ninja Affiliate review:

Converting keywords into outgoing links in older posts, even in new posts, can a nightmare if you need to do it by hand the entire time. It occurred to me, and I don’t want to try it again. With Ninja Affiliate plug-in by Maxblogpress those tasks are easier and faster.

I had more than 100 posts on a further blog, and really once an affiliate link converted, to edit one by one to replace for the new link was painful (at that point, I wasn’t on Word Press). Even as time went by, I learnt that you can automate pretty much this task on WP. Maxblogpress Ninja Affiliate is a Word Press plug-in that makes things simpler, so here is my personal review about using it and trying all the features it has.

How the Plug-in Works?

Different retailers have various types of affiliate offers. The major variance being the percentage of commission they offer their affiliates per buy. I’ve seen these percentages range anywhere from 10% to 50% of a given buy. However, the one thing they all have in common is a tracking system that allows the retailer and the affiliate to correctly find just how much business the affiliate has brought in and how much profit that affiliate is owed. This data is collected through link tracking. The retailer creates track able links accessible to the affiliates, the affiliates place those links in their promotes, blog posts, or other ways of promotion and both parties are able to view the data. Typically, these systems are automated – especially the large ones like Amazon – and checks or money transfers are set up to occur at a specific time each week or month reflecting the affiliate’s sales performance over that given period.

So you can see very quickly that optimizing your efforts as an affiliate marketer is paramount to success. This is where the Ninja Affiliate Plug-in proceeds into play. It is outlined to supercharge your affiliate efforts and make tracking those developments easier than forever. If that sounds like something you’re interested in then follow along below and I’ll show you how to install and configure the Ninja Affiliate Plug-in and offer up some thoughts at the end on how it performed for me when I tried it out.

Here is what Maxblogpress Ninja Affiliate can do for you

  1. Instinctive link Expiration/Redirection – Set an Expiration date on your affiliate/destination links.
  2. Smart Caching – Start your blog like a well oiled machine without slowing down.
  3. Advanced Display Options – Ninja Affiliate allows you to display any text you want in your web browser’s status bar.
  4. Insert Affiliate Links Directly – Add your affiliate links directly for your Word press blog editor – you’ll never have to hunt for links again.
  5. Manage Links by Groups – Too various affiliate relates? Ninja Affiliate permits you to easily create different groups to manage your links.
  6. Flexible Link Management – Take on all affiliate link style out there, so you do not have to waste time with various affiliate marketing tools.
  7. Easy Affiliate Link Management – You can easily give each affiliate link an easy-to-remember name.
  8. Create Professional Redirect Links – Use professional looking redirect links that let your prospects know you’re a pro marketer.
  9. Prevent “Affiliate Theft” – Cloak your affiliate links to prevent link theft and destruction. No one will ever grasp your hard-earned commissions again.
  10. Transform Keywords to Links – Automatically turn keywords in your blog to affiliate links. You also can put a limit too, so your posts don’t look like a spam blog!
  11. Use “No-Follow” Links – Control your link juice and escape punishment from Big Daddy Google with ninja accuracy. Actually, you can control your links any way you want to.
  12. Contingently turn Keywords into links – Randomly convert keywords into links throughout the posts/page so you don’t end up with all your links clustered at the top.
  13. Multi/Native Language Keyword to Link Conversion – Ninja Affiliate supports majority of multi-language. That means if you blog on your native language you can automatically convert your native language keywords into links as well.

Ninja Affiliates work on RSS Feed as well

With RSS your content gets spread all above the internet, which is good for you. And because you’re utilizing MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate, the links within your posts travel right along with your RSS browse. So that is not subject where your blog publish end up, the links are quite there and still earning you money. Content Thieves = More Money!

Final Thought

This is an awesome tool and the only complaint is that I waited months to finally get it and utilize it. I do not write as many posts a week as I would like and for me this plug-in still saves me at least 30 min a day, at the moment if your writing 3-5 posts a week think of how much time you can save. I believe you will like the system Maxblogpress Ninja Affiliate.

Maxblogpress Ninja Affiliate

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